Today, more than 7,500 community members turn to FCS each month for food, educational support and mentorship, social interaction, counseling and support. We also play an important role as a cultural home for the Filipino Community as well as immigrants, refugees and others throughout Southeast Seattle. Our primary programs areas include the following:

Senior Services

Hot, nutritious, culturally focused meals for low-income seniors are provided at our Community Center five days each week, year-round. Though these meals are open to all seniors, they are particularly focused on the preferences of people from Asian/ Pacific Islander cultures. Senior lunches are combined with health and wellness activities, social activities, information and assistance services, fitness activities, and more.

Food Bank

Our Food Bank provides staples, fresh fruits and vegetables, and culturally appropriate Asian/Pacific Islander food items three days a week to seniors and our surrounding community.

Youth Services

The FCS Youth Program provides culturally integrative youth development services to help low-income youth in middle and high school stay connected to their home culture, school, and community. Based both in local schools and at our Community Center, we offer a variety of programs including homework help, educational support, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education, leadership development, and exposure to higher learning opportunities.

Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Gender-based Violence Advocacy

FCS provides culturally aligned education and advocacy for victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking.

Social, Arts and Cultural Programs

Our Culture and Arts Programs build a strong identification and connection to the culture and traditions of the Philippines through classes and activities around language, traditional dance, literature, music, food events and history.

Filipino Community Village

The Filipino Community Village Project is a first of its kind that will provide 95-units of affordable, low-income housing to seniors as well as the Innovation Learning Center that will house the expanded science-technology-engineering-arts-math (STEAM) program to youth.  The Village will be an expansion of the current Filipino Community Center that was purchased in 1965 and renovated in 2008.

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