A united, thriving and vibrant Filipinx community.


To foster the well-being of Filipinx in Greater Seattle through culturally appropriate services and gathering spaces. 

We develop client centered social service programs for Filipinx community members and friends who come through our doors; open our spaces to anyone to gather; advocate for social justice, equity and inclusion for ALL people; and respect and preserve the Filipinx history and traditions through arts and cultural programs.


  • We honor our elders, history and traditions. We understand we are where we are today because of the hard work, sacrifices and perseverance of those who came before us.
  • We listen and treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • We demonstrate fairness, consistency and compassion in our interactions with others.
  • We are accountable to our stakeholders and the community we serve.
  • We set high standards for ourselves and community, and strive to transform for a better future.
  • We keep our integrity by keeping our words and promises, and being transparent in our decisions and actions.
  • We fulfill the roles entrusted to us using our talent and skills to the best of our abilities and without any hesitation for the common good. We wholeheartedly share our experiences and resources to benefit the organization and Filipinx community.
  • We believe in servant leadership. We are committed to serving the community and each other without regard to what we get back in return.
  • We unite and lift each member of the community towards achieving success.
  • We take pride and celebrate individual and/or group achievements.
  • We work together as a team to serve better our Filipinx community.
  • We seek to end all forms systemic racism that is the root of oppression.
  • We strive to eliminate the racial equity gap that negatively impacts all communities.
  • We are explicit and intentional about advocating for the unique needs of marginalized populations in order to improve equity.
  • We advocate breaking barriers to further social mobility, creating safety nets for financial stability paving the way towards economic sustainability.
  • We accept everyone from all walks of life without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, physical, or mental capability.
  • We provide programs that are accessible and inclusive to all communities and individuals.
  • We listen carefully and consider diversity in opinion when making decisions.  We all benefit when diversity of perspectives is seen, heard, valued and included.

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