We’d like to express our profound gratitude to the following volunteers whose selfish acts helped the Filipino Community of Seattle provide much needed services and programs to  the members of the Filipinx and other communities.

Senior Lunch Program & Food Bank


Tessie Bacarro, Senior Lunch Program, Kitchen                                                               Tessie Benito, Senior Lunch Program, Kitchen

Nelia Diaz, Senior Lunch Program, Registration                                                                 Lolita Lawson, Senior Lunch Program, Food Bank

Wilma Mangidoyos, Senior Lunch Program, Food Bank                                                  Ernesto Rios, Senior Lunch Program, Bingo

Sheryl Sijera, Senior Lunch Program, Food Bank

84th Anniversary Gala 


Aleksa Manila, Host                                                                                                                    Arnaldo! Drag Chanteuse, Host

Agnes Vining, Gala Committee Co-Chair                                                                           Lauri Young, Gala Committee Co-chair

Edwin Obras, Gala Committee Member                                                                             Delia Vita, Gala Committee Member

Armilito J Pangilinan, Gala Committee Member                                                                  Agnes Navarro, Gala Committee Member

Emma Catague, Gala Committee Member                                                                            Gina Israel, Writer

Yolly Ardena, Flower Arrangement                                                                                     Ranel Bautista, Graphics Designer

Kevin Barber, Registration and Checkout                                                                               Helen Barber, Registration and Checkout

Staffs of First Financial Northwest Bank, Registration and Checkout



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